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Unleashing Seamless Workflows with Expert ServiceNow Implementation

At Kaptius, we empower organisations to unlock the full potential of the ServiceNow platform across various workflows. Our certified implementation specialists drive the transformation of technology, customer, employee, and industry-specific workflows, ensuring a seamless transition and substantial value realisation. Our agile delivery model, coupled with meticulous governance and organisational change management, paves the way for successful ServiceNow implementation and enduring digital success.

Our ServiceNow experts training people on the ServiceNow Platform.
The Now Value Framework which ensures seamless implementation in ServiceNow


Our implementation methodology is a blend of Agile practices and the Now Value framework, ensuring a collaborative, flexible, and value-driven approach from initiation to go-live.


Pre-Workshops and Demos 

  • Engage with stakeholders to provide a clear understanding of ServiceNow capabilities through pre-workshops and demos.
  • Establish a shared vision and set realistic expectations for the project.

Requirement Gathering Workshops

  • Collaborate with your teams to gather detailed requirements, ensuring a shared understanding of project goals and deliverables.
  • Craft user stories and define acceptance criteria to ensure alignment with your business objectives.

Agile Sprints

  • Execute the implementation in a series of iterative sprints, ensuring continuous feedback and alignment with evolving requirements.
  • Sprint Playbacks, Reviews, and Retrospectives facilitate reflection, learning, and continuous improvement throughout the implementation journey.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Go-Live

  • Conduct comprehensive UAT to ensure the solution meets your expectations and is ready for production.
  • Seamlessly transition to the Go-Live phase, ensuring all components are correctly configured and optimised for performance.

Support and Roadmap

  • Provide dedicated support during the initial period post-Go-Live, ensuring smooth operations and immediate resolution of any issues.
  • Set the Roadmap for phase-2 and setup continual improvement process to achieve maximum outcomes from ServiceNow platform and explore other automation opportunities 


Effective governance is the cornerstone of any successful implementation, ensuring alignment with organizational policies, standards, and goals.


  • Defined ServiceNow vision and strategy
  • Budget and resource allocation
  • Prioritised backlog
  • Sequenced implementations
  • Technical policies and standards
Governance on the ServiceNow platform
People in an office realising the benefits of ServiceNow implementation.

Organisational Change

Realising the benefits of ServiceNow implementation extends beyond technology, into the realms of people and processes.


  • Conduct tailored enablement sessions and training programs to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize the ServiceNow platform.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring your organisation remains agile and responsive to evolving business needs.
  • Work closely with your teams to manage the change, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Develop and execute communication plans, change strategies, and support mechanisms to facilitate successful adoption of the ServiceNow platform.

Solutions Spectrum

Harness the power of ServiceNow platform with Kaptius as your guide. Our Implementation services span across:

Success Stories

Explore how we have driven successful digital transformation for our clients, aiding them in overcoming business hurdles and achieving their strategic goals

Value Proposition

Unlock the benefits of seamless workflow automation and integration with Kaptius’ expert ServiceNow implementation services. Our certified specialists are dedicated to propelling your organisation into a realm of increased efficiency, superior user satisfaction, and sustained business growth.


  • Benefit from a tailored implementation approach that is meticulously crafted to align with your unique business requirements and goals.
  • Our approach ensure that ServiceNow integrates harmoniously with your existing systems, delivering immediate value.
  • Our Agile and Now Value Framework delivery model promotes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous value realization throughout the implementation journey.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with a delivery model that is adaptable to evolving business needs and market dynamics.
  • Lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth with a well-implemented ServiceNow platform that scales alongside your business.
  • Unlock new avenues for innovation and operational excellence, driving competitive advantage and business success.
  • Rest assured with a robust governance framework and post-implementation support that ensures smooth operations and continuous improvement.
  • Our dedicated support extends beyond Go-Live, ensuring your organization reaps the long-term benefits of your ServiceNow investment.

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