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Navigate Your ServiceNow Voyage with Kaptius: Your Managed Service Companion

Why Settle for One, When a Team of Experts Awaits You with Kaptius Managed Services?

At Kaptius, we extend beyond mere issue resolution to offer a comprehensive Managed Service package for your ServiceNow platform. Our seasoned team of certified professionals is dedicated to not just maintaining, but elevating your ServiceNow instance through strategic upgrades, health scans, and value-driven solution recommendations. Embrace the Kaptius Smart Admin (KSA) packages for a cost-effective, expertise-rich support structure, ensuring your ServiceNow journey is smooth, efficient, and continuously evolving towards success.

Our team of experts in the office helping our customers with service management on ServicNow.

Kaptius Smart Admin (KSA) Packages

Our KSA packages are thoughtfully designed to cater to varying levels of support and enhancement needs, ensuring a tailored approach to managing your ServiceNow instance.


An image of an egg hatching representing Hatchling for organisations staring their ServiceNow journey.

Ideal for organisations embarking on their ServiceNow journey, offering foundational support.


A step-up for growing business, providing an enhanced level of support and development.


For mature ServiceNow customers, offering advanced support and strategic roadmap planning.

Full Flight

The pinnacle of our service packages, offering comprehensive, top-tier support and strategic direction for your ServiceNow jourbey.

Our Team

Your success is backed by a team of certified developers and architects, ensuring a rich pool of expertise at your disposal.

Certified Professionals: Our team holds coveted certifications, validating their prowess in ServiceNow solutions.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest ServiceNow features and best practices, thanks to our team’s commitment to continuous learning.

Collective Expertise: Leverage the collective expertise of a team rather than relying on a single individual, ensuring a robust, well-rounded support structure.


Value-Added Services

We go beyond mere maintenance to offer a spectrum of value-added services aimed at continually enhancing your ServiceNow instance.

Platform Upgrades: Seamlessly transition through ServiceNow upgrades, ensuring you leverage the latest features and improvements.

Platform Health: Seamlessly transition through ServiceNow upgrades, ensuring you leverage the latest features and improvements.

Roadmap: Seamlessly transition through ServiceNow upgrades, ensuring you leverage the latest features and improvements.


Success Stories

Explore how we have driven successful digital transformation for our clients, aiding them in overcoming business hurdles and achieving their strategic goals

Value Proposition

With Kaptius as your managed service partner, enjoy a hassle-free, enriched ServiceNow experience that drives business value.


  • Achieve significant cost savings with a structured, expertise-rich support model.
  • The market rate for an individual developer is considerably high and there's a chance you might not receive full value due to bandwidth or expertise constraints. Contrastingly, with Kaptius, you receive full value as a team of seasoned experts, who know their stuff, is at your service ensuring a more cost-effective and value-driven approach.
  • Access to a team of certified professionals, ensuring expertise is always at hand to guide you.
  • The collective knowledge and experience of our team ensures that you have a well-rounded pool of expertise ready to tackle any challenge that arises.
  • Our team’s diverse skill set across various ServiceNow modules ensures that you have the right expertise available whenever you need, facilitating timely and effective solutions.
  • Embark on a journey of continuous improvement and innovation, making the most of your ServiceNow investment.
  • Our managed service extends beyond mere maintenance to include regular health scans, strategic recommendations, and platform upgrades, ensuring your ServiceNow instance continually evolves to meet your growing needs.
  • With a proactive approach towards identifying areas of improvement and implementing best practices, we foster a culture of continuous learning and enhancement, ensuring your ServiceNow platform remains agile, efficient, and aligned with your business objectives.

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