MSP Roundtable

Join us for a dedicated roundtable event exclusively for MSP's



Date: 16th May,2024

Time: 1:30 PM-17:30 PM

Location: The Shard, London Bridge

Unlock the power of the ServiceNow platform, tailored for MSP needs

Participate with a select group of MSP leaders and ServiceNow experts, in an engaging discussion-based event covering:

  • Latest trends and challenges in the technology provider space
  • ServiceNow product update and Kaptius offerings with future direction from our team
  • Shared insights and experience from fellow expert practitioners

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The Kaptius Team

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Streamlining Service Management & Delivery With ServiceNow TPSM

ServiceNow's Technology Provider Service Management (TPSM) is a solution designed to facilitate effective service delivery and management in the technology sector.  It hosts a range of specialised tools and features that address common pain points they face.  Here is a brief guide to how implementing TPSM can help you and your business.


Understanding TPSM: The Future Of Tech Service Management

Technology Provider Service Management (TPSM) is a strategic solution that integrates customer care and operations teams. It focuses on streamlining service delivery and, hence, enabling technology providers to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here is a brief guide to what you need to know about it.

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